System Utilities

When you fix as many computers a I do, for as long as I have, you start to build a basic tool set.
Make no mistake over the years I have come to rely on a good many tools. Below is a short list of some of
the tools I find really useful. For a while I’ve made available an archive of all these tools and more.

Freeware Tools

apm –
apt –
autoruns –
cwshredder –
ffunlock –
gmer –
hijackthis –
injectedll –
loadorder –
lspfix –
myuninst –
pci32 –
procexp –
procmon –
produkey –
regscanner –
removewga –
rootkitrevealer –
startuplist –
tcpview –
sysinspector –
dotnetfx_cleanup –
devicedoctor –