Decode quoted-printable text with Sublime Text or Textmate command

If your like me you find yourself frequently need to take an HTML email that you received and alter it or clean it up and then send it out again. When you grab the message source what you discover is an ugly block of HTML-like text. It’s full or things like “=3D” or “=20”, don’t worry. This strange text your seeing is the result the HTML being encoded into the quoted-printable format. This encoding is how email keeps it’s lines at the appropriate length to be compatible with all the various email servers.

This command which can be used in either E-TextEditor or TextMate will decode the quote-printable encoding. It operated on either your current selection or the whole document. Internally the command itself uses Python to decode the quoted-printable text.

Download the quoted-printable decoder Sublime Text command
Download the quoted-printable decoder E-TextEditor / TextMate command