How to get Sencha Touch working on non-touch and touch Blackberry devices

When I needed to get Sencha Touch to work on non-touch Blackberry devices I tried the approach documented at

At first this appeared to work correctly. But then I tried the app on a touch Blackberry and the touch elements didn’t work properly any more. So I ditched changes recommended by Resilient Coder and went digging into sencha-touch-debug.js myself.

To get Sencha Touch working on both touch and non-touch Blackberry devices you need to make the following changes.

You need to add || to line 18098. This enables clicking on Sench Touch ui elements like buttons and tabs with the thumbpad or trackball. You also need to comment out line 18101 to enable scrolling via touch on Blackberry devices like the Torch. If you don’t comment this line out scrolling via touch doesn’t work properly.

The final piece of the puzzle is to enable scrolling using the thumbpad or trackball. This is really more of a work around. It’s based off the code I found at To use this work around you basically just extend your scrollable panels from Ext.NonTouchCompatibleScrollPanel instead of Ext.Panel.